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NARS: $ 18.

  • NARS Contour Blush is one of the most up to date additions to permanent product line of Nars.
    They are accessible in three shades: Olympia - the lightest; Paloma and Gienah - the darkest one.

    NARS Contour Blush in Olympia is portrayed as an Ivory/Rose mix. Both the ivory highlighting shade and light blushing tan powder are basically matte...there is no perceptible sparkle at all; this is amazingly unique in the realm of highlighting and contouring items.

    NARS Contour Blush in Gienah is depicted as a Honey/Amber mix. The golden contour powder is very profound, proportionate to the Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate Intensity #01 and somewhat hotter. The nectar highlighting shade is a warm beige that is really more profound than the darker shade in Olympia. Gienah works best for N/NW/NC 30 skin tones however those in the N/NW/NC 30-40, who need a genuine highlighting impact may want another highlighter as this honey highlighter shade is quite dim. N/NW/NC 40 skin tones ought to get the full advantage of these correlative powders! In general, Gienah inclines towards the warm deep caramel of the tan range instead of the rosy blush range of Olympia and Paloma.

    The Palomoa is a pink beige/deep rose mix, which would engage medium skin with pink undertone or those looking for a purported blush/bronzer effect.

    The Contour Blush, with its sparkle free texture and covenient compact, is certain to be a raving success. You will like the the inconspicuous and soft Olympia for winter and spring skin, and by summer, we likely should take the jump to the more extreme Gienah to make the get the best tan effect.

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